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Test symptoms at home offers Salivary Hormone Test Kits

Body Balance FemaleCheck
FemaleCheck assesses Estradiol, Progesterone & Testosterone. Achieving and maintaining balanced levels of these three hormones is essential to optimal health in your body`s bone and cardiovascular system.(requires saliva specimen)

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Body Balance MaleCheck
MaleCheck assesses Testosterone and DHEA. Proper levels of these two hormones can help strengthen bone and muscle tissue, improve thinking ability, heighten energy levels and increases libido/sex drive.(requires saliva sample)

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Body Balance AntiOxidantCheck
AntiOxidantCheck assesses antioxidant for reserve level decrease, free radical activity increase. Which causes problems for your bodys cardiovascular, neurological and immune systems.(requires urine sample)

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Body Balance PerformanceCheck
PerformanceCheck assesses hormone levels needed for you to achieve peak conditioning by analyzing your saliva sample. Proper levels of testosterone, cortisol, and DHEA are essential for peak athletic performance, optimal energy levels, strong bones/muscle.(requires saliva sample)

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Body Balance StressCheck
StressCheck assesses DHEA & Cortisol hormone levels which are involved in your body`s resistance to stress as well as cardiovascular function, immune system response, and modulating thyroid functions.(requires saliva sample)

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Body Balance SleepCheck
SleepCheck assesses body`s level of melatonin which is responsible for healthy sleep & mood.(requires saliva sample)

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Body Balance MineralCheck
MineralCheck assesses the body`s 11 essential minerals & 9 toxins. The 9 toxins can cause insomnia, headaches, & other problems. Minerals & toxins can affect immune systems, sexual & cardiovascular functions, mental wellness and more.(requires snip of hair)

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