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 Child & Family Protection Services

Is your house Really safe watch the program It takes a Thief on the Discover Channel?

Do you have a Security Alarm on your house? Is it hooked up?
Get a Security Alarm now

Do you have a ID Theft & Legal Plan to help you watch and monitor your credit report?
Get a ID Theft & Legal plan now.

Do you have a ID card for each child your self and anyone who watches them so if your child comes up missing they would have their info to give in case you or them would have to give it to someone? (1 Child comes up missing every 40 seconds everyday 365).
Get ID Cards here.

Does everyone in your faimly have a Fingerprint & DNA KIT Thats Husband, Wife, & all Children?
Get your family Fingerprint & DNA kits here.

Do you have a gun or are you thinking about getting a gun?
Have you ever taken a Gun Safety class?
Join or Renew your NRA Membership Here save $10.00!

Do you have a Child Safe Internet Browser?
Get a Child Safe Internet Browser!

If you answered no to anyone of these questions you need to contact me now or click the links and order now. Justicewasgreen Consulting is here to help you protect your family. It's better to have this in place than one day you wished you did if anyone of these where to happien.

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Justicewasgreen Consulting Child & Family Protection Services Page:

100% of the revenue from any purchase on Justicewasgreen website is donated to C.A.A.S.E.S a non-profit organization.


Rob Potter
Arizona: 602-288-5324
Email: caases1@yahoo.com